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Deryck Whibley in the hospital, credit
Deryck Whibley in the hospital, credit

Deryck Whibley, guitarist and frontman for the band Sum 41 (and yes, “Avril Lavigne’s ex”) has hit rock bottom with his alcoholism and was hospitalized, and even created a “rock bottom URL” and sent a sobering and heartfelt message to all his friends and fans about what happened, and how he wants to turn things around. It all started of course years ago when he started drinking heavily, and he continued to drink heavily for years, and it all finally caught up to him the other day. He collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. He was in the ICU, and had to be heavily sedated a whole week in order to be stabilized and to save his life. He remains hospitalized and in rough shape, but seems to be on the way to mending. JTMP wishes him a speedy and healthy recovery.

On his website Deryck said, “Hey everyone, sorry I’ve been so MIA lately,, but I’ve been very sick and in the hospital…the reason I got so sick is from all the boozing I’ve been doing over the years…my liver and kidney’s collapsed on me. Needless to say it scared me straight. I finally realized I can’t drink anymore. If I have one drink the docs say I will die. I’m not preaching or anything but just always drink responsibly. I didn’t, and look where it got me. (I never thought I would say that! hahha).”

The good news is he sounds like he is definitely going to turn things around and stop drinking; for with my experience in the addiction field, when people really hit “rock bottom” they finally begin to change. The other positive thing is he sounds like he will be back on his feet and making music because he added, “I have my passion and inspiration back for writing music. I already have a few song ideas for new songs. Soon it will be time to start making an album and getting back to touring. See you all sometime!”

Read the entire message from Deryck on his Rock Bottom page here.

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