MAY 30, 2013 – John Hawkins on has an article on 10 activist-musicians who have been speaking out and rankling conservatives, and he wants his conservative brethren to not only boycott the supposed "liberal Hollywood" but also boycott musicians that "attack conservatives, Christians, Republicans and America". (Here we go with the Teabagger garbage that everyone on the left "hates America") We need to break the news to Hawkins that we don't "hate" America, or hate anybody. Progressives are against the harmful policies of conservatives that destroy our environment, cut aid to the poor, and their stance against funding for the arts; to just name a few. He states that musicians have "gotten away with doing fundraisers for the Democrats…", like it was a crime to do such a thing. Mr. Hawkins, the reason why most musicians fundraise for Democrats is you cut funding for music and the arts, and most musicians are Progressive. You have your Kid Rock, relax. Anyways, he mentions a few musicians such as the Dixie Chicks and how they were exercising their free speech that the soldiers supposedly die for, but one is not supposed to exercise that right according to conservatives I guess. Unless of course you praise George W. Bush; but condemning him for lying to the American people and sending thousands of American soldiers to their death needlessly is not allowed. Anyways, if you want to read his garbage check out the article on here.  (photo credit: Ron Baker/CC)

By Viktor

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