APR 3, 2012 – JTMP blogged last year about how Lynyrd Skynyrd was booked to play at last year's Republican National Convention, (weather kept them from doing the concert) and how it wasn't approved of by 100% of the band; but it turns out there was even something bigger going on behind the scenes when it came to the RNC and music.

The RNC wanted to have Lady Gaga headline an event "honoring women who run for public office" at the 2012 RNC, and were so desperate and eager that at one point offered her $1 Million to play. She turned it down. Also, other musicians such as Dolly Parton turned down an offer to perform at the 2013 RNC. Read more on a blog by Susan Ferrechio on The Examiner.  (photo credit: CC/Stephen Carlile)

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