DEC 2, 2012 – The greatest guitar player alive and currently playing (IMHO) Buddy Guy, along with Led Zeppelin, were honored by the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts this week and President Barack Obama was there citing the importance of arts in society saying, "[they] inspired us to see things in a new way, to hear things differently, to discover something within us or to appreciate how much beauty there is in the world. It's that unique power that makes the arts so important." JTMP supports keeping funding for the arts in this time of talks of "austerity", and ask our supporters to contact your elected representatives and tell them to defend funding for the arts. Read the AP story here.  (photo credit: CC/Tom Beetz)

Watch the clip of Obama speaking below, and below that watch the Guitar Titan Buddy Guy play at the White House back in February of 2012.


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