NOV 7, 2012 – After the American Constitution was followed, and free and fair elections were held, and the American People re-elected President Barack Obama to a second term, crazy man has-been musician Ted Nugent who had promised us he would either "be dead or in jail" if Obama is re-elected is neither at the local morgue nor incarcerated as of this morning, but he did spout vile garbage via his Twitter account attacking America and calling it's citizens "subhuman" and "soulless fools".

He also to me exposed finally once and for all what this Teabagger movement has always been about: Racism. The common thread that Teabaggers always spout off about is people "on welfare", sitting around watching Judge Judy all day, using their free cell phone from Obama to make an appointment to get free abortions as they drive around in their welfare queen mother Cadillac. Think I am wrong? Check out this Tweet fart from the insane mind of Nugent:

Most people know that when the word "pimp" is used by a white guy, 99.9% of the time they are referring to an African-American, and in a disparaging RACIST way. Also, I am pretty sure when he used the words "welfare brats" he wasn't talking about white kids scrambling around a cabin in Tennessee, but rather inner-city African-American kids. The next Tweet fart says:

There has been a concerted effort by the Teabaggers and the conservative movement to pin all our problems on inner-city African-Americans struggling to get by, and receiving help from the government in the thousands of dollars, yet ignoring the civilian defense contracting industry that sucks billions and billions of dollars out of our coffers which is the real reason we face deficit and debt problems, along with revenue intake being down as a a result of the Bush tax cuts for the rich and the rich not paying their fair share of taxes. This shows they are not worried about our finances, it is just simple racism, and it has been all along. That Twitter page of Ted Nugent shows me just a crazy, racist white guy freaking out that a black guy got RE-elected back to the White House, and he is shitting in his pants. If he wasn't a "musician" (has-been) he would be just another white racist spouting his racist nonsense on the Internet.

Ted Nugent…get over it, Obama won. Twice.

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