JAN 31, 2012 – Longtime musical activist Willie Nelson, who has been involved in FarmAid and now Occupy, traveled to northern Ohio to put on a show in support of embattled Ohio representative Dennis Kucinich. Kucinich, who has been a longtime supporter of progressive issues, now faces a Democratic primary against another progressive candidate, Marcy Kaptur. Both are now involved in a struggle to win the 9th district seat as a result of the census and the Ohio Appointment Board redrawing Ohio's 18 districts into 16. The Republican majority board voted to combine both Kucinich's and Kaptur's 2 districts into 1, thereby eliminating one of their seats.

Willie also cites Dennis' anti-war stance and his decriminalization of marijuana stance as why he supports Kucinich. Here is a post about it and watch a video from Morning Journal below.

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