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Tom Morello and Ben Harper have teamed up together for their first duet, and one of the new songs on Tom's new Nightwatchman album, "Worldwide Rebel Songs". The song, "Save the Hammer for the Man", gets into how Tom's upbringing shaped him into the activist he is today. Ben and Tom have been teaming up together when it comes to activism for years, each supporting the other's causes they were bringing up and promoting.

They talked about how the song came together in a CNN interview saying, "We were playing a show in Chicago for some union issue, and some of the other musicians on the bill were grousing about not getting paid," Morello says. "One of the other musicians canceled the show because he had to return to his vineyard. We were on the phone kind of moaning about this, and Ben said, 'Tom, you let me know if you want me to put the hammer down.' And I said, 'Ben, save the hammer for the man.' And we're like, 'Hold on. One day, that must be a song!' "

Morello said in a statement, "Troubled times call out for troubled songs, World Wide Rebel Songs is an album of rousing hopelessness and this time the Nightwatchman has brought along his electric guitar to tip the scales."

Watch a video below of Tom and Ben performing the song live at a benefit show in LA. Thanks to bruinlvr25 on YouTube for this video:

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