GenON, an electrical utility company based in Virginia, has announced they are closing a coal-fired plant by October of 2012. They are closing this plant after tremendous pressure from citizen grassroots organizations and politicians from the area. Rep. Jim Moran (D VA) and DC Mayor Gray have worked hard and spoke out against the pollution caused by GenOn's plant in Alexandria, Virginia. In a statement, Rep. Jim Moran said, “This was a long fought but well won victory for the citizens of Alexandria and the nation's capital. What once was the largest stationary source of air pollution will be no more. Through citizen involvement and committed city officials, the Potomac River Generating Station and its 1949 coal-fired boilers will finally be shuttered.”

Read more here.

Justice Though Music was at the recent Power Shift 2011 rally and march, which stopped in front of GenOn's DC headquarters, where protesters chanted "Gen Off! Gen Off!" The video is below.


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