Cap'n Kirk – Guitarist for The Roots – Earth Day 2010

The Roots to help out with launching "Rebuild the Dream" with Van Jones and on Thursday night. Tune into on Thursday night for live streaming of the event and more information.

The hip-hop megastars The Roots, whom JTMP filmed on Earth Day last year, is no stranger to music and activism, recently teaming up with John Legend for the "Wake Up" album. Check our JTMP YouTube Channel for many videos featuring The Roots.

This campaign is calling for a rebuilding of the American dream for Main Street, not Wall Street, and is generating a lot of buzz. Justin and the gang at MoveOn describe it as, "It will be led by green jobs visionary and former White House advisor Van Jones. And while he lays out the truth about our economy, hip-hop megastars The Roots and world-renowned visual artist and DJ Shepard Fairey will back him up with some amazing music. I've seen the rehearsals, and it's simply astounding."

They call for more jobs, and strengthening Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security. They are calling to help Americans struggling with mortgages from banks that prey on regular working folks. They are calling this a "movement of people standing together".

To join in, check back with JTMP regularly, and you can also visit:

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