Global climate change is widely believed to be the cause of the devastating tornadoes that ravaged Alabama this spring, with some tornadoes wreaking a path of destruction 300 miles long. Hundreds have died, and thousands are homeless now, and their plight has caught the attention of musicians who want to raise awareness of the issue, and to help raise funds for the Red Cross who are trying to help the victims of the recent storms, tornadoes and flooding across the south.

A collection of local and national artists have launched a campaign called "the wind will carry the voice of the people". It is a "soundtrack for healing and rebuilding", with 100% of the proceeds going to the Red Cross for their efforts to help the people affected by the devastation.

One of the artists, Jon Black, told CBS 42, "I hope this is a soundtrack for healing and rebuilding. I'm honored to be a part of it and I'm proud of my friends for organizing this and contributing songs. My song is simply my account of watching the live coverage of the tornadoes hit Tuscaloosa. Shortly after that we were huddled in our basement watching online streams when it moved through Birmingham.  We escaped with only a stray shingle in our yard but our hearts are still heavy for those who lost loved ones and homes.  This is an easy way to help but there's still great need for volunteers, clothes, food, and money all across the state.

The album is a digital download, and you can sample the tunes and purchase it by going here:

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