Rock Against Poverty is a organization that aims to "mobilize local musicians and artists to inspire action and raise funds to fight poverty and support climate change mitigation projects to save Mother Earth", their website says. They recently held a concert on Earth Day in New York, featuring Lorenz, a long-time collaborator with singer Mariah Carey, with 10 other musical artists.

Rock against Poverty is the brainchild of Dennis Ramdahin, executive director of the Vihara Foundation, a nongovernmental organization addressing poverty and climate mitigation issues.  Economist Albert Gyan and musician Dale Stephens are co-founders of RaP.

Ramdahin said, "Rock against Poverty through globally interconnecting art, music and culture, will support real science, real solutions, real-time intervention and real action to make this world a better place. The world can do longer wait to decide our children's and planet's future. Urgent action must be taken now."

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