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Tucker Carlson leaves a toxic legacy at Fox News. What’s next?

The far-right host promoted racist conspiracy theories on the channel. He’s not likely to find such a big audience elsewhere

Daily Show Mashup Shows Nick Fuentes Is The Same As Tucker Carlson

This is a great mashup that the daily show did showing how Nick Fuentes, the white nationalist, has the same vibe as what Fox News Host Tucker Carlson puts out.

‘It’s Just Been Hell:’ Life as the Victim of a Jan. 6 Conspiracy Theory

IN THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS — Up a winding country road, in a trailer park a half-mile from a cattle ranch, lives a man whose...


Toxic Conservatives Prepare Civil War In 2024 Will Blame Liberals For It

Conservatives Prepare Civil War In 2024.The catch is, they...

Allen Peterson Reviews: Kelsie Kimberlin’s Turn Back Video

Allen Peterson Reviews "Turn Back" by Kelsie Kimberlin: A...

Chinese White Lung Virus Spreads Panicking World

Chinese White Lung Virus spreads, panicking world.HighlightsChinese White Lung...

Deceptive George Santos Expelled From Congress After 3rd Time

George Santos was booted from congress in a move...