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Tax records reveal more contributions from Publix heiress to “dark money” groups sponsoring Jan. 6 rally

But you see, the funders, plotters and planners walk free, ready to continue on to the next coup, while all the foot soldiers go to jail.

Brazils Insurrection By Bolsonaro Supporters Identical To January 6 Capitol Riot

This is where Merrick Garland could have stepped in and stopped it long ago by going after the funders, plotters and planners of the J6 Capitol attack

Newly Revealed Texts Show Mark Meadows Is a Liar

Mark Meadows is a liar—at least by omission. And newly revealed text messages prove it.

A Plot To Overturn An American Election

The messages you are about to read are the definitive, real-time record of a plot to overturn an American election.

Peter Thiels New Boy Toy Curtis Yarvin Gets Accolades By Extremist Right Wingers

How many young boys has Peter Thiel manipulated or groomed for their intellectual comprehension and reading of books that Thiel reads, and then busted...


Epic Russia Is Collapsing Trends For Stunning 7th Time

Russia is collapsing is trending on X/Twitter for the...

Anna Indiana Impressive 2023 AI BOT Future Of Music

Anna Indiana AI BOT, the future of music.HighlightAnna Indiana...

Feeble Appeals Court Weighs DC Gag Order For Trump

Appeals court weighs DC gag order for Trump. It...

Kelsie Kimberlin Releases New Video “Turn Back” to support Ukraine, help those injured and to raise funds for reconstruction

My new video "Turn Back" is the third of the trilogy of videos I filmed in Ukraine in August, 2023. It has multiple meanings depending on the place in which you find yourself.