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A Plot To Overturn An American Election

The messages you are about to read are the definitive, real-time record of a plot to overturn an American election.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Says We Would Have Won If She Organized The Jan. 6 Attack

Seems like Marjorie Taylor Greene was more involved in the January 6th Capitol attack than she previously wanted to admit.

Jan. 6 committee will make criminal referrals, chair Bennie Thompson says

Congressman Bennie Thompson, chairman of the House Jan. 6 select committee, told reporters Tuesday that the panel will make criminal referrals."Yes," the Mississippi Democrat...

Jan. 6 Investigator: There Are Still “Three Dozen” MAGA Lawmakers Who Should Be Investigated

This is a great story of how the J6 committee failed at investigating their own. People like Boebert, Hawley, Gosar, Ted Cruz et al....

BREAKING: J6 Committee Subpoenas Donald J Trump

At the end of the J6 committee hearing today, and on a motion by Liz Cheney, the J6 committee voted to subpoena Donald Trump...


House Speaker Mike Johnson Rejects Ukraine Aid Bill, Votes For Putin Bill Instead

House Speaker Johnson Rejects Ukraine Aid Bill, Votes For Putin Bill Instead.

Navigating the Lows of Congressional Productivity 2023: A Historical Perspective

Navigating the Lows of Congressional Productivity. Explore the historical...

Celebrities We Lost In 2023

Celebrities we lost in 2023. It was a hard...

Captivating Taylor Swift Time’s Person Of The Year 2023

Taylor Swift Time's Person Of The Year 2023Key Highlights:...