The Scorpions unfurl Ukrainian flag at concert in Berlin

Klaus Meine, the frontman of the iconic hard rock band, expressed his solidarity and support to Ukrainians while performing their famous Wind of Changes song, the unofficial anthem to the end of communism.

Tina Turner, ‘Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll’, dies aged 83 in Switzerland

Tina Turner - one of rock's great vocalists and most charismatic performers - has died aged 83.

Pink Floyd Lyricist Calls Roger Waters ‘Putin Apologist’ and ’Lip-Synching’ Misogynist

The people we grew up with and thought highly of now turning out to be right wing lunatics is unreal.

Vakarchuk sang on the pedestrian bridge in Kyiv, which today withstood the Russian missile attack

The leader of the band "Ocean Elsa" Sviatoslav Vakarchuk sang on the Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge in the center of Kyiv, which was hit...

Russia labels star rapper Oxxxymiron a foreign agent ministry

Russia on Friday labelled superstar rapper Oxxxymiron, popular among young Russians, a "foreign agent", according to the interior ministry's website.Oxxxymiron, the stage name of...