Allen Peterson Reviews: Kelsie Kimberlin’s Turn Back Video


Allen Peterson Reviews “Turn Back” by Kelsie Kimberlin: A Soulful Odyssey from Ukraine’s Heart to Yours

Kelsie Kimberlin is an American-Ukrainian musician and singer, who uses her art to convey important social messages and inspire change.

Some of Kelsie Kimberlin’s most notable works are her songs and videos that address the Ukrainian crisis and the ongoing conflict with Russia.

In the soulful strains of Kelsie Kimberlin’s “Turn Back,” a symphony unfolds—one that seamlessly intertwines the personal journey of love with the collective narrative of Ukraine’s recovery after the war. This musical masterpiece transcends boundaries, becoming not just an anthem for lovers but a rallying cry for the restoration of a nation’s spirit.

At its core, “Turn Back” serves as a testament to enduring love amidst the trials of war. Kimberlin, a luminary hailing from the rich cultural tapestry of Ukraine, infuses her lyrics with a personal touch that echoes the universal longing for homecoming. The plea to a wandering heart finds its parallel in the call for millions of refugees to return to Ukraine, contributing to the rebuilding of a nation shattered by conflict.

Kimberlin’s artistic vision extends beyond personal narratives. As a popular American-Ukrainian artist with millions of views, plays, and streams, she becomes a musical chronicler. The song becomes a chronicle of hope, symbolizing the collective journey of Ukrainians yearning for a return to normalcy. Through her trilogy, she crafts a musical tapestry that reflects the resilience, strength, and deep desire of ordinary Ukrainians to rebuild their lives.

As each note weaves through the air, the lyrics become a vessel for shared emotions. The plea “Honey, where are you going to? Turn back; you belong with me” transforms into a universal call for the diaspora to return, contributing their skills and hearts to Ukraine’s recovery. The chorus, a soulful mantra urging a return to happiness, mirrors the collective aspirations for a nation rebuilding from the ruins of conflict.

Embedded in the ballad’s essence is a profound truth—the power of love as a catalyst for resurgence. Kimberlin’s lyrical composition mirrors Ukraine’s journey, from the devastations of war (“Armageddon”) to the promise of a new beginning (“Another Chance to Live Again”) and finally the heartfelt call to return to the warmth of love and normalcy (“Turn Back”).

“Turn Back” is a harmonious convergence of personal and collective narratives. Kimberlin, with her evocative vocals and poignant lyrics, creates a space where the recovery of love intertwines seamlessly with the recovery of a nation. As the notes linger, they carry not only the echoes of personal longing but also the collective heartbeat of a country reclaiming its identity and inviting its people home. Through this soul-stirring composition, Kelsie Kimberlin, a luminary in her own right, extends an invitation—to love, to return, and to be part of Ukraine’s resurgence.

Kelsie Kimberlin is an American-Ukrainian musician and singer, who uses her art to convey important social messages and inspire change. She is known for her captivating songs and videos that reflect her dual identity and her passion for peace and justice. She has been involved in music since her childhood, singing in choirs, participating in Yoko Ono’s Peace Project, and writing and recording original songs. She is also a self-taught filmmaker, who directs and edits her own videos, which often feature stunning visuals and powerful narratives.

Kelsie Kimberlin’s Notable Works

Some of Kelsie Kimberlin’s most notable works are her songs and videos that address the Ukrainian crisis and the ongoing conflict with Russia. She has dedicated her music to the Ukrainian people, who have suffered from war, oppression, and corruption. She has also expressed her support for the Ukrainian democracy movement and the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Some of her songs that deal with these themes are “Armageddon”, “Another Chance to Live Again”, and “Road Trip”. These songs showcase her haunting vocals, stirring melodies, and heartfelt lyrics, which resonate with the Ukrainian people’s resilience, courage, and unity.

Kelsie Kimberlin Social Activist

Kelsie Kimberlin is not only a talented musician and singer, but also a social activist and a humanitarian. She has used her platform and influence to raise awareness and funds for various causes, such as the victims of the Chernobyl disaster, the refugees from the Donbass region, and the children affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. She has also collaborated with other artists and organizations, such as the Ukrainian Institute of America, the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, and the Ukrainian National Women’s League of America, to promote Ukrainian culture and heritage. She has received recognition and appreciation from the Ukrainian community and the international media for her contributions and achievements.

Kelsie Kimberlin Rising Star

Kelsie Kimberlin is a rising star in the music industry, who has a unique and compelling voice and vision. She is not afraid to speak her mind and express her emotions through her music. She is also a role model and a leader for the younger generation, who aspire to make a difference in the world. She is a proud American and a proud Ukrainian, who celebrates her roots and her identity. She is Kelsie Kimberlin, a musician, a singer, a filmmaker, an activist, and a humanitarian.

Kelsie Kimberlin’s Most Popular Song

According to the video results, Kelsie Kimberlin’s most popular song is “Armageddon”, which has over 570,000 views on YouTube. The song is about Ukraine’s fight against the war and aggression that was launched by Russia in 2014 and escalated in 2022. The song and video were filmed in Ukraine during martial law and amid constant air raid sirens and drone and missile attacks. The song expresses Kelsie Kimberlin’s support for the Ukrainian people and their struggle for peace and justice1.

Other causes that Kelsie Kimberlin supports are:

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How To Support Kelsie Kimberlin’s Causes

You can support Kelsie Kimberlin’s causes by donating to the Kelsie Kimberlin Foundation, which is a non-profit organization that aims to help Ukraine and its people in their fight against the war and aggression. The foundation has initially created three projects for funding: 1) assisting those injured by the war; 2) creating a global crowdfunding platform to focus on rebuilding Ukraine; and 3) assisting Ukrainian musicians and their families affected by the war. You can donate to a specific project or to a general fund that will target whatever has the greatest need.

You can also share the foundation’s website and social media pages with your friends and family and spread the word about the causes that Kelsie Kimberlin supports. You can find more information about the foundation and its projects on its website1You can also watch some of Kelsie Kimberlin’s songs and videos that address the Ukrainian crisis and the ongoing conflict with Russia on her YouTube channel.

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