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Mother Jones: Rapper Killer Mike Tells Bernie Sanders: “I Rap About a Lot of the Stuff You Rant About”

Killer Mike Interviews Presidential Candidate US Senator Bernie Sanders DEC 17, 2015 – Rapper Killer Mike, who recently gave a rousing speech at a Georgia rally last month, sat down and did a great interview of US Senator Bernie Sanders who is currently running for US President. Mike told Bernie, “I Rap About a Lot of the Stuff…


Rapper Killer Mike Endorses Bernie Sanders

Black Lives Matter Activist Gives Rousing Speech NIV 25, 2015 – Rapper and musical-activist Killer Mike, who has been heavily involved with the Black Lives Matter movement, gave a rousing speech at an Atlanta, Georgia rally 2 days ago strongly endorsing Bernie Sanders and the Progressive issues the Senator from Vermont and his campaign is…


Australian Indigenous Singer Deborah Cheetham Turns Down Offer to Sing National Anthem

Cheetham Wanted to Change Lyrics Drastically to Reflect Respect for Earth and Diversity OCT 20, 2015 – The Australian news outlet Adelaide Now is reporting that a well-known aboriginal Australian opera singer turned down an offer to sing Australian’s national anthem “Advance Australia Fair” at the big AFL Grand Final sports event, for Cheetham being both…


Barack Obama – ‘Back to Back’ (@Drake Spoof)

Iman “Alphacat” Crosson Pokes Fun at Obama and Trump OCT 12, 2015 – Alphacat has put out a hilarious political musical video taking jabs at both President Obama and Donald Trump, check it out below. Thoughts? Share them below or on our JTMP Facebook Page. Check out Alphacat’s Facebook Page here. [youtube width=”420″ height=”237″]https://youtu.be/WZrNFgJeSOw[/youtube]


Neil Young : “Who’s Gonna Stand Up and Save the Earth?” Challenge

Activist-Musician Donates His Song Freely For Other Musicians to Use SEP 30, 2015 – Last year Neil Young wrote a song called “Who’s Gonna Stand Up and Save the Earth?”, and he gave permission to any person, musician, whoever out there to use the words and music freely on social media, video and music, and…

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