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Shakedown Shutdown: US Braces For Federal Shutdown

Talk about shakedowns by lunatic fringe politicians. They want, they want, and they want, and if they don't get what they want then they'll screw millions of workers instead. This shows everyone that the GOP cares nothing for their constituents, and everything is just for them only.

Corrupt Menendez Continues To Be Corrupt

Mr. Gold Bars and luxury vehicles Senator Bob Menendez, fresh off a corruption trail that resulted in a hung jury, continued his blatant corruption after being let go, proving once and for all that those criminals, no matter who they are, continue to commit crimes until they are locked up.

We Have Two Medias in This Country, and They’re Going to Elect Donald Trump

The media today is very responsible for the anarchy in the country and the immense polarization that is going on. Not only that, they are owned by billionaires who own both sides of the narrative, with stations and newspapers that pander to right wingers and their conspiracy theories, and also owning the left-wing media, which plays the outrage they just released

Texas Lawman Oath Keeper Convicted After Violating Inmate Rights

A TEXAS SHERIFF with links to the Oath Keepers has been convicted of “official oppression” for the mistreatment of detainees in his jail in 2021, one of whom allegedly staged a suicide attempt.

False Anxiety ripples through the Democratic Party over Biden

It's fake anxiety, and all about a few dems from hoboken nowheresville using biased polls which no one can trust, who get quoted for articles on a very slow news week, that make for big fancy schmancy nancy headlines that are supposed to keep people believing that because Biden is old, he somehow can't manage to run the country.


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Deceptive George Santos Expelled From Congress After 3rd Time

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