Muslims Hunt Jewish Women, Children In Airport Attack


Muslims hunt Jewish women and children in an airport attack in Dagestan Russia last night. The attack, filmed from numerous cameras, shows Muslims chanting death to jews, and hunting for anyone who looked Jewish in the airport and on an airplane that had just landed from Tel Aviv Israel.

It was a medical only flight, with children who could only be treated in Israel due to their medical conditions. Muslims didn’t care, they wanted to kill them all. There were also reports that this had been planned for a number of days, and that the Muslim terrorists planned this attack using flight data from apps like FlightAware to track the plane as it left Israel.

The women and children in the bus attack were terrified by the attack, as most of the children were sick from their treatments, and then to be attacked by Muslims was more par for the course for Muslims inhumaity towards women and children.

It is very clear that these Muslims need to be eliminated globally. And until that happens, there will be more and more attacks against Jewish people no matter where they are or what they are doing.


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