Ukrainians Die as America Dawdles, But It Was Planned That Way In Advance


Following up on a story by Newsweek, which claimed that the United States got together with Vladimir Putin before the attack on Ukraine and laid out the rules of the road for this war. In the middle, Ukraine was nothing more than a middleman when it came to the battle that lay ahead. The United States, already had planned to enrich defense industries by giving them the munitions contracts for the war at HIGHLY inflated prices. The rules of the war were then set in stone, and in order for Zelensky to get any help at all he was forced to bend the knee, and at times bend over for the United States, and President Biden, in order to get any help at all. It was their way or the highway.

The rules were that Ukraine could NOT launch any attacks against Russia. They could only defend their territory and nothing more. More than that, Biden allowed the CIA to manage the war instead of military commanders. So, as we know when the CIA is involved, they manage to make wars last longer, and they are more brutal than they would have been had they not been involved. In Afghanistan we saw firsthand how the CIA managed operations there. We also saw how they operated in Iraq, and we ended up seeing how they managed prisoners in Abu Gharib. They are one fucked up agency. And they weren’t even in charge during those conflicts. But for the abuse they gave, they all ended up getting promoted instead of prison sentences. And remember, they were just attached to those conflicts. In this war, they RUN IT. And the key here is that they planned ahead of time how the war would be run.

Some highlights I discussed earlier about this privately, which is part of the Newsweek article:

President Joe Biden has determined that the United States (and Kyiv) will not undertake any actions that might threaten Russia itself or the survival of the Russian state, lest Putin escalate the conflict and engulf all of Europe in a new World War.

So, we’re going to do the standard liberal shit and play pussy, allowing thousands to die because we are too afraid to actually do one fucking thing to save them? 

In exchange, it expects that the Kremlin won’t escalate the war beyond Ukraine or resort to the use of nuclear weapons.

So, we agreed prior to the commencement of actions the rules of the road. In other words, our side and the Russian side got together to play a chess game, with the people of Ukraine in the middle who will do all the bleeding and dying and getting bombed over and over, while we sit back and claim WAR CRIMINALS, TERRORISTS, how dare they attack what we agreed for them to attack before the game started!!!!

“Both sides pledge to limit their actions, but it falls to the United States to enforce those pledges. This all hinges on the quality of our intelligence.”

So, instead of going to the mattresses with Russia and expelling that criminal terrorist Putin from power, we agreed with him to LIMIT the fucking war to Ukrainians dying, and Russian soldiers who will be sent to die as cannon fodder for the games, and all we will do is sit back and monitor the prior pledges we made with Russia and enforcing those pledges lest we look weak.

The official (and numerous other national security officials who spoke to Newsweek) say that Washington and Moscow have decades of experience crafting these clandestine rules, necessitating that the CIA play an outsize role: as primary spy, as negotiator, as supplier of intelligence, as logistician, as wrangler of a network of sensitive NATO relations and perhaps most important of all, as the agency trying to ensure the war does not further spin out of control.

So, we built the rules first, then we allowed Russia to invade, and all we are doing is playing logistics and intelligence gathering to see how things are playing out with the war we allowed to start?

“Don’t underestimate the Biden administration’s priority to keep Americans out of harm’s way and reassure Russia that it doesn’t need to escalate,” the senior intelligence officer says. “Is the CIA on the ground inside Ukraine?” he asks rhetorically. “Yes, but it’s also not nefarious.”

So, our priority is to keep America OUT OF HARM’S WAY while allowing Ukrainians to live day and night, hour after hour with the threat of DEATH and IN HARM’S WAY? What kind of fucking bullshit is that? Fuck Americans staying out of harm’s way. What we should do is stand tall for Zelensky, who is standing out there with his dick in the wind and left to twist if something happens.

So, if China finally attacks Taiwan, which they will do by Christmas, THIS is exactly what Taiwan has to look forward to, a TEPID response from America. Because we don’t want our fat fucking boys who are eating fat cheeseburgers every fat fucking day to have to take their fat fucking asses to an actual war. We’d rather sit back and do a PROXY war. Better for America to sell weapons — and ONLY weapons that will keep the war GOING, so arms suppliers and manufacturers can keep charging taxpayers 1 million dollars a bomb, when the cost is more like 20k USD per munition. Better that we let our corporations make money on all the dying and fucking insanity than to actually bring the war to a quick end. As for joining NATO, naaa, we can’t allow that because then NATO would have to protect Ukraine under an Article 5 and Russia would be no more. Better to say Ukraine hasn’t PROVEN itself to be in NATO than to actually PROTECT those who are dying every fucking hour.

Over the course of its three-month investigation, Newsweek spoke to over a dozen intelligence experts and officials. Newsweek also sought out contrary views. All of the credible experts and officials Newsweek spoke to

We won’t name any sources because we DON’T have any sources that commented or talked to us or would even agree to take our fucking phone calls, because here at NEWSWEEK, a company in bankruptcy and sold to a bunch of low life right wingers who never heard of the news business before they took over, can’t get anyone to actually talk to them. So, we just made shit up as we went along based upon our keen sense of how shit works.

Thus, much of what Washington does to aid Ukraine is kept secret–and much of what is normally in the realm of the U.S. military is being carried out by the Agency.

Oh yeah, lest we forget how the agency runs shit, let’s not forget the Bay of Fucking Pigs. If the CIA is running this war, expect this war to go on and on and on, because you got a bunch of fucking pussies straight out of college running the war desk. The only war they know is playing Call of Duty video games.

Intelligence experts say this war is unique in that the United States is aligned with Ukraine, yet the two countries are not allies. “The corporate CIA worries that too much bravado about its role could provoke Putin,” the intelligence official says.

Standard liberal bullshit. We are too afraid of the big bully Putin to actually strike at the heart of that regime. Instead, we worry about blowback, and what would someone say if they knew we were doing this or planning that or thinking this. Why we might get FIRED or called before a congressional committee to discuss Hunter Biden’s laptop or space lasers or sharks with laser beams attached to their heads. Better to do NOTHING but count the body bags of dead Ukrainians than to actually DO SOMETHING FOR THEM!!! Because ya know, we are not TRULY allies with Ukraine, we are just weapons suppliers and resource and logistics managers. War? No, we never heard of the term. That’s for the coffee boys, not us here at the fucking agency.

Washington has quietly expressed its displeasure to the Zelensky government with regard to the Nord Stream attack last September, but that act of sabotage was followed by other strikes, including the recent drone attack on the Kremlin itself. 

DISPLEASURE? What? Are you fucking MAD? Have you gone over the hills and far away? Motherfucker people are losing their children, parents, mothers, fathers — and you have the fucking GALL to say we are DISPLEASED with your actions to take an OFFENSIVE POSITION to protect your people? And are you finally admitting here that the Kremlin drone attack was Ukrainian? I thought you said it was a false flag operation by Putin, now you are saying no, we lied about that, and today we want you to trust us when we say this: but yesterday when we said that it was a false flag operation by Putin, was a bold-faced lie, but trust us, today we are telling the fucking truth???

Those have raised questions over one of the CIA’s main intelligence responsibilities—knowing enough of what the Ukrainians are planning to both influence them and to adhere to their secret agreement with Moscow.

Message to Zelensky, the fucked-up USA has a SECRET agreement with Putin and Russia. That agreement spells out that UKRAINIANS WILL DIE BY THE THOUSANDS, and all we are going to do is supply weapons and watch it from afar.

The CIA was central to the war even before it started. At the beginning of his administration, Biden tapped director William Burns as his global trouble shooter—a clandestine operator able to communicate with foreign leaders outside normal channels, someone who could occupy important geopolitical space between overt and covert, and an official who could organize work in the arena that exists between what is strictly military and what is strictly civilian.

So, we sent our most capable operator Burns, into the field to set up the ground game, and because we know what we are doing we made a secret agreement with Russia about how the war will be conducted, so it’s all good. Our guy will just go there to establish a beachhead like we did in Iraq and Afghanistan, where we built secret black sites and paraded Muslims around on their knees with dogs yapping at them while we stuck hot pokers up their asses and filmed it. That’s the CIA we represent.

As former Ambassador to Russia, Burns has been particularly influential with regard to Ukraine. The CIA had been monitoring Russia’s buildup and in November 2021, three months before the invasion, Biden dispatched Burns to Moscow to warn the Kremlin of the consequences of any attack. Though the Russian president snubbed Biden’s emissary by staying at his retreat in Sochi on the Black Sea, 800 miles away, he did agree to speak with Burns via a Kremlin secure phone.

In other words, your guy was so unimportant that Russia didn’t even bother to meet with him. He made the guy take a phone call while Putin was swimming in his pool. Yeah, your guy was REAL IMPORTANT. So important that Putin didn’t even need or agree to take a meeting, just a random phone call with a guy who could have been Putin’s body double for all we know. Welcome to the United States, where we talk a big game, but in fact we’re just big fucking pussies. A bunch of fucking two-bit PUSSIES at that!!!

“In some ironic ways though, the meeting was highly successful,” says the second senior intelligence official, who was briefed on it. Even though Russia invaded, the two countries were able to accept tried and true rules of the road. The United States would not fight directly nor seek regime change, the Biden administration pledged. Russia would limit its assault to Ukraine and act in accordance with unstated but well-understood guidelines for secret operations.


“There are clandestine rules of the road,” says the senior defense intelligence official, “even if they are not codified on paper, particularly when one isn’t engaged in a war of annihilation.” This includes staying within day-to-day boundaries of spying, not crossing certain borders and not attacking each other’s leadership or diplomats. “Generally the Russians have respected these global red lines, even if those lines are invisible,” the official says.

Zelensky should wipe the fucking floor with these fucking turds. So, this is why we asked Ukraine to turn over those nuclear weapons long ago, to make him toothless in the face of Russia later on. I’d hazard a guess that the boys downtown got together with the boys uptown and planned this shit back in the day in advance. And Z, being one of the good guys said OK, I’ll hand them over to you because I’m a good guy, and while I know that if I do turn them over, I can’t defend our country later on down the road, but since I’m a good guy I know you’ll defend us when or if that war happens. Guess what? If Z had those nukes now do you think that good old boys downtown in the USA would be DISPLEASED over things? No, they’d be worried sick that Z would blow those fucking Russians to kingdom come. And everyone would applaud his actions if he did.

“Zelensky has certainly outdone everyone else in getting what he wants, but Kyiv has had to agree to obey certain invisible lines as well,” says the senior defense intelligence official. In secret diplomacy largely led by the CIA, Kyiv pledged not to use the weapons to attack Russia itself. Zelensky has said openly that Ukraine will not attack Russia.

Bottom line, in order to get a MODICUM of support, Zelensky was forced to bend knee and bend over at times to a bunch of corporate suits who told him if you want support you are going to have to do it OUR WAY OR THE HIGHWAY.

Early in the war, Kyiv made its own “non-agreement” with Washington to accept the Biden administration’s limitations on attacking Russia, even though that put it at a military disadvantage as Russian forces launched air and missile attacks from their own territory. In exchange, the U.S. promised arms and intelligence that came in ever greater quantities and firepower as Zelensky pushed harder.

As I said, bending the fucking knee. They basically told Zelensky that in order to gain our support and some old weapons and maybe a few decent ones down the road after say, 50 thousand people are SLAUGHTERED, you got to bend over motherfucker and spread those cheeks wide. The rules are no attacking Russia, they are a sovereign power, and we do business with them, so, die and then die some more, cry and then cry some more, and maybe then we will help you. All the rest, including meetings and stuff in public where you see everyone shaking hands is just bullshit for the media and public to digest showing how much we are helping, when in fact we are not doing what we should be doing, which is going in and wiping those fucking Russians off the fucking planet!!!! 

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In January this year, Burns was back in Kyiv to meet with Zelensky and his Ukrainian counterparts, discussing the clandestine war and the need to preserve strategic stability. 

You see, all we want is strategic stability, nothing more. You boys go out and play tin soldier, and as long as we all understand that all we want is strategic stability, because we push that out everywhere we go, then all is well on planet earth, and fuck everyone else who bleeds and dies every day for OUR STRATEGIC STABILITY GOALS!!!!!


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