At Trumps age any prison time would likely result in death. So, to the MAGA’S out there they are horrified that Trump, their orange God and leader would actually die in prison. They are treating him like he’s Jesus Christ.

Story below:

A top Fox MAGA commentator just summed up what many Americans are pondering now that the ex-president is facing a new federal indictment. (video embedded below)

Fox’s Mark Levin is a national radio program host and die-hard MAGA veteran.

Tonight, he waxed pessimistic at the same time the news broke on CNN that Donald John Trump will become the first ex-president to be federally indicted for crimes including espionage act violations.

“President Trump is 76-years-old,” stated Levin, while the bespectacled block stor staired a hole in the desk below him.

“If the Department of Justice gets its way,” the host of Life, Liberty & Levin said, slowly looking into the camera.

The usually composed Levin appeared to be without any makeup, leaving a distinctly dimpled impression of the cheap lighting on his bald temple.

“He will die in federal prison,” concluded Levin glancing back down at his script and clicking his lips.

It’s a uncharacteristically reserved performance from him after his past indictment skepticism and defense of Trump no matter what.

Perhaps the new inducement is sewing doubt, even amongst the Ultra MAGA faithful, coming from Florida which many Republicans consider a “red state.”

Meanwhile, serious commentators were scratching their heads over the twice-impeached, now twice-indicted ex-president’s new legal defense strategy.

Trump attorney Jim Trusty went on CNN to explain what made his client post on social media about his criminal summons to appear in Miami‘s federal court next Tuesday.

“It doesn’t perfectly mirror an indictment, but it does have some language that suggests what the seven charges would be,”said Trusty on CNN tonight. “Not 100% clear that all of those are separate charges but they basically break out from an espionage act charge.”

Trusty gently coughed and added “this is ludicrous” to his conclusion without saying why such a grave allegation would be unsubstantiated.

“And several obstruction related charges, the lawyer continued while winding his defense pitch into the litany of crimes his client is accused of, “including false statements.”

Collins didn’t push back on any of his defenses, then asked a question that betrayed the shallow depth of her knowledge about Trump’s classified documents indictments.

“You said there’s an espi-an-adge, an Espionage Act charge, is there one for the willful retention of records?”

Of course, that is one of the acts that the Espionage Act of 1917 criminalizes.

Trump’s lawyer responded by citing 18 USC 793.

That is, of course, part of the Espionage Act.

It’s a bad night for Trump when all his paid and unpaid MAGA defenders can do is cite criminal code hoping nobody looks up the newest crimes he’s accused of committing by prosecutors.

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