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Are we living in dystopia not even close but lets learn from history this time

The next world war has begun.Or perhaps, if you're a philosopher, you'll say our ongoing existential conflict continues. Either way, on the annual Day of...

Biden Slams MAGA On Student Loan Debt Relief

President Biden went after MTG for getting their business loans forgiven while they claimed Student Loan Debt Relief was evil..

MAGA Threatens FBI Agents With Death And Destruction

You threaten the FBI or any Law Enforcement for that matter you go straight to jail, no pass go, no collect two hundred dollars. Not only that, you go for 20 fucking years


Celebrities We Lost In 2023

Captivating Taylor Swift Time’s Person Of The Year 2023

Taylor Swift Time's Person Of The Year 2023Key Highlights:...

Toxic Conservatives Prepare Civil War In 2024 Will Blame Liberals For It

Conservatives Prepare Civil War In 2024.The catch is, they...

Allen Peterson Reviews: Kelsie Kimberlin’s Turn Back Video

Allen Peterson Reviews "Turn Back" by Kelsie Kimberlin: A...

Chinese White Lung Virus Spreads Panicking World

Chinese White Lung Virus spreads, panicking world.HighlightsChinese White Lung...