The fact is, outcomes for many races won’t be known for days or weeks. In the meantime there will be a lot of bullshit being slung here and there. Republicans claiming their own polls put them ahead, and when they lose they will claim fraud etc etc. Dems wins may not be decisive and thus will call for a runoff, like in Georgia, and this could stretch to December before that takes place. This programming we have where media gets to call a race won or lost on election night is full of holes.

Most don’t take into account the absentee ballots, the military ballots from overseas, and the mail in ballots. One thing is for sure, most of the important races will be days or weeks before they are finally tallied and a winner and loser emerges. This of course doesn’t take into account that Republicans will be filing suits, begging the courts to intervene and decide the outcomes most favorable to them.

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