Talk about pussy dems, this is just what I’ve said before, dems are like little angels who cower in the corner when their right winger demon comes home for dinner. Better have that dinner on the table bitch, or else there will be hell to pay. So, Tiffany Cross took the lead on not putting up with any shit over right wingers attacking her. She floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee. Right wingers were all afraid of her and cowered in fear of her.

Cross delivered pointed commentary during her show, at times singling out other media hosts. After Megyn Kelly attacked her earlier this month and called her the most “racist person on television,” Cross called Kelly “the blackface expert.” Kelly had moved to Fox News to NBC News in 2017 with a reported longterm contract worth $69 million, but her daytime show failed to make a dent in the ratings and she was beset with controversy over comments she made about wearing blackface as a Halloween costume. She later apologized.

She was in effect too black for them white folks out there and just laid them to waste. Instead of MSNBC finding an actual voice there and promoting her, they canceled her because her voice didn’t meet their pussy standards. And that is the only channel that liberals can say is a moderately safe space for them, even though the head of the news division is a rabid right winger. At any rate, this is why dems/liberals have issues, they need to fight like lions, but instead, they choose to die like dogs!!!!!!

No We Will Not Die Like Dogs, We Will Fight Like Lions!!!

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