Queue Republican outrage in 5,4,3,2,1… DeSantis will be charged with crossing over to the dems and will be banished by every known Republican out there in no time.

Story below:

We got a major disaster declaration approved by the President and we really appreciated that and that basically set off the massive mobilization that we had ready…

Here is where the rubber meets the actual road in getting things done. It isn’t politics that stands in the way either. It’s a fantastic President Biden who crosses over to the other side and appeals to common sense, even when it comes to a snake in the grass like DeSantis. But seeing as how the fortunes of the right wing outrage machine is waning and running out of gas, as people are tiring of the right wing firehose of victimization and bitching and outrage about a bunch of fake bullshit they create but don’t really care about. This one moment here where the two sides came together is a great moment, and shows that as Americans WE CAN BE UNITED to fight a common problem.

In this case it’s Hurricane Ian relief for Floridians. And DeSantis has to walk that line for his state or be replaced come voting time. People tend to remember disasters in their lives more than they remember critical race theory and bullshit narratives about illegal migration. I don’t give DeSantis any points here, he’ll be back at the usual bullshit in no time. But in this one case, this is where two sides came together to ensure that needy Americans got what they needed. And you have to give it to both sides for finally coming together to do something, hell, anything to help those affected by this massive disaster.

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