Bill Clinton Says: Limit On Migrants Before They Cause Disruption


Ok, please, not another Bill Clinton says post, but here it is. Bill Clinton was all about free trade back in the day. He got NAFTA done, and with it manufacturing in the United States came to an end. He cared nothing about American jobs being shipped to Mexico or Honduras or Latin America due to NAFTA. Now he comes out and says: we got to limit migrants from coming into the United States because they will cause disruption. WTF are you talking about Bill?

They do all the jobs that Americans won’t do. They build houses, they sweep streets, they do farm work, menial labor work, work in the hot baking sun at 130 degrees at noon in Arizona, when Americans are literally plastered into their cushy homes avoiding the mere hint of the heat outside. But, suddenly they are a disruption?

I’ll say this, they are a disruption to the elite billionaire class like the Clintons who live in rich homes BUILT I might add by migrants. You think those developers built their houses with American know how? Hell no. You think the groundskeepers and maids they have are Americans? Hell no. They are migrants. But when the rich start bitching about the migrants, then you know how bad it really is. They don’t want to SHARE in the wealth that America offers. No, they want only a limited amount of migrants here, you know, the ones who’ll clean their clothes and cook their meals and mow their fucking yards. They don’t want them coming across in droves because America can’t HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!

Just remember, we stole America from the Indians who were here first. Not only that, we were migrants when we did it.

Meanwhile, regular folks who are trying to get their wives and families here legally are still held prisoner for up to 2 years while the process goes through its processes. Hey, here’s an idea: speed up legal migration from 2 years to less than 6 months, that will fix all the illegal migration and make it easier for people to migrate here legally.

Instead, America holds its own people hostage to a two year wait for their families to migrate here legally, claiming oh we don’t have the staffing, the computer is down, the process takes years to do because it takes one fucking guy to push a button that says approved, and we don’t always know where that guy is on any given day. Don’t call us, we’ll call you, 11 months after you file your petition, because we don’t want you legal migrants mucking up our day with your inane questions about why the process is taking so long. Plus, we’re on fucking lunch break, quit bothering us with your immigration questions. No wonder why people are trying to come here illegally. The legal way sucks balls.

Bill Clinton says my ass, I shit em, dumb rich bastard.

Story below:

Former President Bill Clinton says “there is a limit” to how many migrants the U.S. can accept before it causes disruption. He also criticized moves by GOP governors to transport migrants into the interior as a “stunt.”

Clinton spoke on a CNN podcast and was asked by host Fareed Zakaria about “economic migrants” who are “gaming” the asylum system.

“There is a limit to how many migrants any society can take without severe disruption and assistance, and our system is based much more on an assumption that things would be more normal,” the former president said.

There have been more than 2.1 million migrant encounters this fiscal year alone as a historic border crisis continues to ravage the southern border, prompting Republican governors to bus and fly migrants deeper into the interior to “sanctuary” jurisdictions. There were more than 200,000 migrant encounters in August alone. 

Clinton said that when he was a boy and a young man, Mexican migrants would move back and forth across the border to work in agriculture “and it worked for people.” But he conceded that the situation was now very different.

“It’s an old story, but now you’ve got the largest number of refugees since World War II because of Syria and now Ukraine and other problems,” he said.

Clinton also noted the recent surge in migrants from Venezuela that has increased in recent months, while also taking a shot at Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for busing migrants into New York City, Washington, D.C., and Chicago.

“What’s happening in Venezuela, more than 2 million refugees pouring into first Colombia then nearby countries, has created unprecedented new challenges and meanwhile provides opportunities for stunts like Gov. Abbott’s — sending his refugees to some place that he thinks is advocating for a broad-minded policy that it doesn’t have to live with,” he said.

Texas has bussed more than 10,000 migrants to three sanctuary cities, sparking outrage and calls for help from the federal government from those liberal cities.

“Texas’ inundated border towns are now receiving a measure of relief, and importantly, the magnitude of this ongoing crisis is finally gaining the national attention it deserves,” Abbott said in a recent op-ed. “Americans are now witnessing a startling national security failure that [President Biden] continues to dismiss.”

Clinton also discussed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ recent move to fly migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, a wealthy liberal vacation hotspot.

And then Gov. DeSantis sending those people to Martha’s Vineyard was amazing. That may come back to haunt him a little bit,” Clinton predicted. 


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