There is a feeding frenzy on social media about Trump’s unannounced visit to DC on Sunday, and Twitter is is all lit up over the potential that Trump was secretly indicted and arrested. Of course none of that is true as of yet. The fact that Trump came to DC without any fanfare or announcements, and wearing what appeared to be old clothes thrown quickly together with him wearing only golf shoes set Twitter ablaze with speculation that the visit was not planned, and was rushed for some unknown or odd reason.

The reasons being bandied about are many:

  • Trump was indicted
  • Trump was arrested (secretly turned himself in)
  • Trump was called to a secret grand jury where he’ll be forced to answer questions over whatever
  • Trump was just going to his golf club
  • Trump was in a medical emergency (even though he could have gotten help in Bedminster New Jersey)
  • Trump was escorted somewhere by unknown people including some woman that looked armed
  • Trump wearing what appeared to be golf shoes, meaning he left in a hurry and couldn’t even change clothes so its must have been URGENT, which means he was indicted and arrested.

The list is endless as the speculation and feeds querying just what is going on are. Of course any one of those things could be true or none at all.

Could even be Trump just trolling people for shits and giggles, showing how he could do literally nothing but travel someplace and get the internet and news speculation going into a frenzy without saying one word about why he was traveling. Which shows Trump still has the power to engage media and create firestorms even if he does nothing at all. That is how Trump wins, he creates endless speculation about what he’s doing. You don’t hear people speculating what Joe Biden is doing or if he’s sitting on the toilet taking a shit with everyone speculating what color it was. But Trump? Yeah, people actually speculate stuff just like that, and it’s that intensity that he brings to the table that keeps him in power even though he is out of power.

Its all part of Trump’s schtick to troll people as well as get the attention back on him. He knows that the social media sleuths will dig into every event he is involved in.

The thing about the video is that it’s amazing that some dude just showed up because the excuse was he was following the tracking of the plane at just the right time, and lo and behold there was Trump getting off the plane at the airport. I call bullshit, but hey, that’s just me. It’s too easy, too staged looking for me to believe in it without the backend of how this came to be.

Anyway, the story has increased the speculation that Trump has finally been indicted and arrested, albeit secretly where no one will really know know, and all we’ll be left with is some Q-Anon conspiracy theory about what really happened and why. And of course no perp walk, no cuffs, and no yay the devil has been taken down speeches and champaign corks being popped over the glorious news.

The way everyone is looking at right now is that Milk Jug Garland finally found his mettle and took the Trumpster down a number of pegs, but as its not safe for the country to do so in public or to let them know just yet, it will all be done in secret for now, enjoy your fake fantasy victories John Q Public. Oh and the court and trial and everything else for now will have to be in secret too. And of course no one will announce anything until after the midterm elections or beyond.

David Rothkopf put it all in context though with this tweet:

Exactly, but the rollback was: oh we don’t mind speculating, we just love to speculate, and of course this sets off their twitter feeds and attendant traffic to their websites afire.

And there is good reason for that speculation, and it has to do with MONEY. You see, traffic equals money, and the more traffic to one’s feed or website is, the more money you make. All media, social included, has this issue with anything Trump related, and that is publish it, publish it, publish it, to hell with what it’s about. Doesn’t matter what the fuck it is, if it has a Trump in it, publish it.

This has been the problem since Trump came into the political picture in 2015. He never has to pay for exposure like everyone else does, he gets it for free by a pandering media, and that media is both left and right. The feeds above speak to the left side of that media, and the “we will get him” crowd. They make just as much money as the other side of the media that says no, you won’t get him. So both sides, (yes bothsideism) make money as long as Trump is in it. And that is why Trump wins.

The minute — the very exact minute — media says enough of Trump, no more freebies, no more publishing you or your antics, that will end the Trump MAGA days once and for all. But no one is willing or able to give up their greed for Trump or MAGA or the money that comes with it — despite everyone being dead dog tired of Trump and all the MAGA bullshit that goes with it. They feed off of him as he feeds off of us. And there is no middle ground. That is why prosecuting him is much more difficult, because too much exposure means no one will be able to judge him on the facts in a jury pool. There will ALWAYS be the risk of a juror or numerous jurors acting in concert with Trump and getting a seat on the jury to vote not to convict.

“You have to consider the fact that on a jury all it takes is one to say: ‘You know what? I’m not convinced.’ Despite the best case you can possibly imagine, there may be one person on that jury who says, ‘I think the election was stolen, and I am not going to vote guilty here,’” said Gonzales, an appointee of former President George W. Bush who left his post amid political controversy

If media would cover Trump as an anathema it would be much different. But so far if Trump changes his shoes, media is all over it. If he goes to DC for no other reason than to just go, hell, everyone is on it asking why. If he takes a shit people want to know the smell and the color of it.

Why did he wear golf shoes? Why did he wear an old coat? Who was the woman in gray? Who was directing Trump? Why were his shoulders hunched over like he was cuffed? Why didn’t anyone follow the entourage after it left the airport? Why didn’t anyone get to see him up closer, was this a Trump double and not Trump at all? Why did he fart in the wind? What did it smell like? If it smelled bad he must have eaten eggs and gravy this morning, was it from McDonalds, if so let’s find the manager and swarm him. Trump never has a second cup of diet coke at home. And on and on the speculation wheel goes, where it stops nobody knows. This is the state of our media today, and it sucks worse than it ever did.

So what did Trump actually do in DC?

“Working today at @TrumpWashingtonDC on the Potomac River,” Trump posted, along with a link to Trump National Golf Club. “What an incredible place!”


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