Biden Slams MAGA, Violent Right Wingers As A Threat To Democracy


President Biden told it like it was, calling MAGA, Trump and the right wing base a threat to democracy. Hillary Clinton called them deplorables back in her time, and of course they were deplorable, and mostly a bunch of red neck hillbillies that are so stupid and dumb they were easily manipulated by a guy who takes their money and shits on a golden toilet they bought for him.

MAGA, I shit em, bunch of losers, crazies and two bit scumbags. Biden of course threw them totally under the bus. He didn’t mince words, they are a threat to democracy, and most of them need to be sent back to the insane asylums they came from. Of course the right wing lunatics heads started exploding over the red background which many said looked like a version of hell.

Hey, I applaud Biden’s choice of background. Let the MAGA’S heads explode, we’ve had our heads exploding for 7 fucking years of these stupid bastards, so it’s about time that Biden starts fucking with their heads. Hey, if it looks satanic more power to Biden for making it look that way. If he had the Marine guards there, more power to him: all hail Biden. Better than hailing a fucking traitorous piece of garbage like Trump.

And by the way, did you right wingers see Trump’s rallies during Stop The Steal where he had 1984 images plastered all over the place with videos that looked like Trump was Big Brother? Where were your complaints then you stupid miserable fucksticks? Glad your heads are exploding now, I hope you heads keep exploding and I hope Biden rubs your dicks in the dirt day after grueling day until you are literally unable to cope with your triggered PTSD. Let’s Go Biden!!!

And whataboutism here, your right wing bullshit backgrounds here?


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