British musician Sting gave a concert in Warsaw on July 30, during which he spoke a few words in support of Ukraine. He declared that the war in our country is absurd.

Yes, the artist stopped his performance to say: “The war in Ukraine is an absurdity built on lies. If we swallow these lies, they will eat us. But lies are terribly afraid of the truth. The truth must be heard. We cannot lose this battle”.

He added that democracy can be ineffective, it can provoke disorder and frustration. But, according to him, it is still necessary to fight for it.

Sting noted that now Russian President Vladimir Putin is lying to his nation, the whole world and, first of all, to himself. Therefore, it is necessary to fight with it. 

“Democracy is under attack, it is under attack in every country in the world. If we do not protect it, we will lose it forever. Democracy is sometimes a mess. Democracy is a disappointment. Democracy is ineffective. It needs constant attention. But it is still worth fighting for “, the artist added.

Sting and his wife transferred financial aid to Ukraine.


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