Illinois gubernatorial GOP nominee Darren Bailey went live on Facebook shortly after the Highland Park shooting by Robert E. Crimo III, a failed rapper, offering prayers to the families of the victims before encouraging viewers to “move on and celebrate freedom.”

Indeed, after every mass shooting Republicans just want to offer “thoughts and prayers” and move on to something more pressing for them, in this case, the freedom loving grills they just bought at Costco for the occasion. Yes people are dead, yes children were massacred, yes the shooter had right wing agendas all over him, but by all means let’s just move the fuck on, they got better things to do than discuss the latest mass killing in America.

Yes, celebrate your July 4th freedom, and how dare you cancel our parades, who cares if some mass murderer went on a killing spree, they just want to go right on eating their hot dogs and grilling hamburgers on the freedom grill right along with their freedom fries. Republicans don’t care that people are dead, according to them people die every day, why should they care how they died right?

Republicans are evil. We need to remember that a vote for ANY Republican is a vote for more mass murder, more mass shootings, and more dead people dying to get into the cemetery courtesy of their local yokel Republican ass hats.

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