Willie Nelson On 2016 GOP Primary: “This beats any circus I’ve seen.”

Musical-activist Gives Interview to KSAT and Talks Music & Politics

MAR 8, 2016 – Willie Nelson, who is never shy to delve into issues and politics such as small farms being gobbled up by Big Food to even cannabis, once again dives right into politics in an interview to KSAT at his Luck Ranch in Texas. Willie blasts the GOP Clown Car primary and of course gets into cannabis. Willie talks about his own cannabis strain “Willie’s Reserve” selling in Colorado right now, and says he plans to move forward even more into the cannabis business and open retail cannabis outlets to sell his strain. When asked by KSAT if his home state of Texas would ever lift cannabis prohibition Willie replied, “We’re not totally stupid down here and all the old people are looking around and seeing all of the money they’re taking in in Colorado, Oregon, Washington and California.”

Read more of the interview on KSAT.com here:

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