Some Primary Elections Are “Closed” And You Must Register With Party

DEC 3, 2015 – Since voting is very important to us, JTMP wants to remind everyone that you should get on the website of your local election board and check your voter registration status, and make sure all the information is correct and up-to-date. Also, since there are since primary elections are coming up, check your local primary election requirements and see if they are a “closed” or “open” primary. If your primary elections are “closed”, you will have to choose or change your voter registration status to a certain political party to participate in that party’s primary election; this is to prevent other parties from interfering in an internal party affair. The picture above is my new voter registration card I just got in the mail today, for I changed my voter registration party affiliation in anticipation of the upcoming 2016 DC primary election that is closed. I also assured my address and all my other information was correct. To see how your state or area primary elections operate, visit, the link is below:



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