Viral Campaign to Make EoDM #1 on Charts

NOV 19, 2015 – There is a campaign underway to help in some way the band Eagles of Death Metal whose show was part of the Paris tragedy, and fans have gotten together and launched a Facebook Page to make them #1 on the charts. Now the band Duran Duran has announced that any proceeds from EoDM’s cover version of their song “Save a Prayer” will go to charity and good causes. On their website the band announced in a statement, “We will be donating all of our royalties from the sale of this version of the single. There are a number of causes under consideration, all of which are peaceful, effective and unifying.” Read the full statement here. Watch EoDM and Duran Duran perform “Save a Prayer” below, and below are links to take part, buy the track and help EoDM and also help good causes.Let’s get EoM to #1! The hashtag to use is: #EODMForNo1

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