Musical-Activists Write Songs in Support of Fiery Independent Socialist

August 11, 2015 – The fiery independent socialist from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, continues to draw huge crowds to his 2016 Democratic primary campaign rallies. Bernie is making a west coast swing, and had crowds of 25,000 in Portland and LA, if you include the crowd outside the venues. In JTMP’s eyes this shows the grassroots Progressives out there prefer someone who is not so much an “outsider” when it comes to DC politics, but someone who is NOT bought and sold by large corporations and donors, for Bernie Sanders does not accept campaign contributions from corporations. Bernie’s campaign mirrors Howard Dean’s 2004 campaign where he receives many small donations online, rather than large contributions from a small group of people like most politicians do. It looks like Progressives want real change, and not more “business as usual”, and feel that Bernie is the best way to go to achieve that sea change we need in our political and economic system.

Many activist bands and musicians are “Fueling The Bern”, writing songs and are “endorsing” Bernie Sanders for President in 2016 with their activist music, and I picked out a few I think are worth noting. Watch my “Bernie Playlist” below. What do you think about our present oligarchy? Send JTMP a song by posting it on our JTMP Facebook Page or mentioning your song in a comment below, we will try and get it posted prominently.

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