Musical-Activist is Anti-War but Pro-Soldier

Billy Corgan – krissikes/Flickr/CC

May 5, 2015 – Musical-activist Billy Corgan, known best for his band The Smashing Pumpkins, has teamed up with the Easter Seals Society and the Dixon Center to help veterans in returning to society through education, job training and placement, health and wellness services and more. The Dixon Center want to use unique and innovative ways to integrate the veteran back in the community, and and break down barriers to help veterans lead healthy and productive lives after returning. Billy Corgan is like JTMP and totally against war, yet he does see the need to help these people when they come back and try to put their lives back together after going through the horrible experience of war.

Learn more about the Easter Seals and the Dixon Center on the Easter Seals website. Read more about this and The Smashing Pumpkins new acoustic tour on here.


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