Company Building 84 MPG Car for $7,000


JUNE 29, 2014 – A new company called Elio Motors intends to create over 1,500 jobs in Louisiana and revolutionize transportation by building a 84 MPG personal transportation vehicle that will sell for under $7,000. Part of the mission’s project is to address what a lot of people feel right now is a problem, that cars cost as much as a house right now. Throw in the cost of gas going up, and this company thinks they have a plan and a bold vision. The car will be rated as high as possible in the crash-test ratings, and its unique teardrop design allows for more safety as well as great gas mileage. It is still technically a “motorcycle” in the eyes of the law, for it has two primary wheels, and a smaller “third wheel”. Read more about this exciting and affordable high-mileage personal transportation on the Elio Motors Website here.



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