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Herschel Walker: ‘I live in Texas’

He LIVES in Texas, not Georgia. Therefore he's state shopping for a Senate seat. Walker is Senate shopping a state to run in even though he doesn't actually live there.

Herschel Walker Was Scamming To Get On Georgia Ballot

You can rob, cheat, rape, lie, pillage, murder, do whatever you want, and it's all free, no one will bother you, no one will prosecute you for it.

Warnock and Walker court Kemp voters in final week of Georgia Senate runoff

With one week to go before Georgia’s Senate runoff, heavy hitters and big dollars from both national parties are pouring into the state for a race that will determine the balance of power in the Democratic-controlled Senate next year.

Herschel Walker Accuser Comes Forward With Fresh Relationship Claims

Woman who says she was pressured into abortion by Republican Senate hopeful presents unseen letters, audio and diary entries..

Herschel Walker Claims Space Aliens Are Part Of His Family

I kid you not. Space Aliens from MARS no less. This is the kind of candidate the GOP is putting out. And you'd wonder...


House Speaker Mike Johnson Rejects Ukraine Aid Bill, Votes For Putin Bill Instead

House Speaker Johnson Rejects Ukraine Aid Bill, Votes For Putin Bill Instead.

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Navigating the Lows of Congressional Productivity. Explore the historical...

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Celebrities we lost in 2023. It was a hard...

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