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Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Fallon in Parody of Born To Run take Jabs at Chris Christie

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JAN 16, 2014 - If you haven't seen it yet, below is the video of Jimmy Fallon and Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Fallon doing a parody of "Born to Run" and taking jabs at New Jersey's Governor Chris Christie who is caught up in his GW Bridge scandal right now. It is no secret Bruce Springsteen has been fighting for worker's rights, and Chris Christie has been attacking worker's rights, and that sticks in Bruce's craw. Even though Christie is his Governor and a huge Springsteen fan, Bruce snubbed him at one concert when he tried to visit him backstage and the Boss lets his feelings known he is disappointed in the Governor. JTMP is also disappointed in Christie attacking worker's rights and unions. This is a pattern of conservative Governors across the country and we as a people need to fight back and secure our economic rights as workers. Watch the hilarious clip of "Gov. Christie Traffic Jam" below.

Fox and Friends claim conspiracy Behind “Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together” as “Rushed” and is Obama Re-Election Concert


NOV 2, 2012 - Fox and Friends complained about the "Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together" telethon concert that will be on the NBC Universal network tonight saying,"Where are the conservative musicians?" They also appeared to be hinting at a conspiracy by the Democrats and the Left as hypocrites because Kanye West attacked President George W. Bush's slow response to Hurricane Katrina. They also said the Katrina fundraiser was ten days after the hurricane, but this concert is only 3 days after, and is purposely being "rushed" as to be before the election and the concert can be a campaign rally for President Barack Obama.

First off, not all the musicians and artists have been announced, Secondly, there are only 5 conservative musicians (JTMP did a post on them last month) and who knows, maybe Kid Rock will make an appearance. Thirdly, the reason the Left is not attacking President Obama is because he is responding to the crisis quickly and efficiently, unlike Bush and Brownie. Watch the video from HuffPo of Fox and Friends losing their minds below, and tune in tonight to the NBC Universal network concert tonight, and please help out Americans in need.

Springsteen & Others Part Of “Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together” Telethon Concert Tomorrow On NBC Universal


NOV 1, 2012 - It has been announced that a bunch of musicians, from Springsteen to Jon Bon Jovi and many others, will be playing music and being a part of the "Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together" telethon concert tomorrow night on NBC Universal to raise funds for victims of the Hurricane/Storm Sandy. There are many people still with no food, no water, no electricity, and stranded. Many have had their whole lives disrupted and destroyed, so let's all join in and help our fellow Americans.

The concert will air tomorrow night at 8 PM EST on the NBC Universal network, including NBC, Bravo, CNBC, E!, G4, MSNBC, Style, SyFy and USA; and they say more networks may join the broadcast. For more information check out the NBC Universal Press release here. It will also stream LIVE on the Internet on NBC.com. Watch the Today Show announcement of the benefit telethon concert below.


Bruce Springsteen Gets Out The Vote in Virginia, and Bluegrass Legend Ralph Stanley Asks Eric Cantor: “O Cantor Where Art Thou?”

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OCT 23, 2012 - Bruce Springsteen, and the bluegrass legend Ralph Stanley, were in Virginia today, helping to Get Out The Vote. 

225px Dr. Ralph Stanley tagRalph Stanley is a bluegrass legend, having a career of over 60 years with songs like, "Ridin' That Midnight Train" to his work with "O' Brother Where Art Though?". He has always been involved with politics, and played at a John Edwards rally, and later endorsed Barack Obama for President. He is a TRUE, old school "Southern Democrat". Currently Mr. Stanley is helping Wayne Powell with the "O'Cantor Where Art Thou?" tour, who is challenging Eric Cantor for the 7th Congressional District seat in Virginia.

Read more on NBCWashington.com here, and here is a great video  by jbf3t of Bruce in Virginia below singing an AWESOME acoustic guitar version of "Thunder Road". Below that is a 30-second AD for Ralph Stanley's "O Cantor Where Art Thou?" tour, showing how Cantor is never in the state of Virginia helping out Virginian constituents. (photo credit: CC/Ralph Stanley)

Bubba and Bruce Rock Ohio for Obama

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OCT 18, 2012 - Bubba and the Boss were rockin' Ohio for President Barack Obama today, and totally rocked the crowd. People are calling it "epic". Bruce told the crowd, "Voting matters, elections matter." He had said months ago he wasn't going to play any music at any rallies this year, but Bruce felt compelled to get out there, so he grabbed his acoustic and headed to Ohio. Watch the YouTube videos from 5portsCenter below, and read more about the whole event on RS here.





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