Democrats pressure Mitch McConnell to end Tuberville reckless military blockade

It's time, past time for them to see that Chubby Tubby is playing games with the military. He needs to go and go quick.

Bill Barr Blames Trump For Problems

Bill Barr has come out pushing his book "One Damn Thing After Another" and says that Trump is to blame for the trouble he is in because he acts like a 9 year old child with his hand caught in the cookie jar.

Texas Govenor Denies Water Breaks For Construction Workers in 115 Degree Heat

He says, let em die because developers are sick and tired of coddling these construction workers by giving them water breaks on hot days.

Rick Wilson brutally buries  scumbag Trump after Lincoln Project meltdown

That led Wilson to tweet, "Well, good morning to you, too, princess. Did you wake up with a wet Depends this morning? Because you seem pissy."

This emerging 2024 political narrative is a distraction from the real drama

I've talked about polling for awhile. They are ridiculously wrong, most are bought and paid for to put forward the buyers messaging/narratives and then released as if they are accurate