Garrabrants Axos Bank: In It For The Money

Some would say that doing business with Trump is a losing proposition or one where there just isn't enough money to cover for the...

Obamas’ personal chef drowns near family’s home on Martha’s Vineyard

Queue up the crazed conspiracy theorists and QAnon lovers to say that he knew too much, and the Obama's had him killed. I know that will come out because it's just how the crazies will roll..

Titan sub debris field Parts of missing sub cover found

Dive expert David Mearns told the BBC the president of the Explorers Club - which is connected to the diving community - says the debris includes "a landing frame and a rear cover from the submersible".

Titanic Submersible Had Known Problems

The CEO of the company, Stockton Rush, who is now hours away from no oxygen and certain death, said that federal safety regulations stifled progress, and for him, the problems with the design of the submersible were nothing compared to the potential for progress.

Russia Sought to Kill Defector in Florida

The message that Vladimir Putin wants to send here is that if you cross a red line in Russia, no matter where you are or where you go or end up, he will find you and eliminate you. This message is very chilling.