Well, its 5:42pm and nothing yet. But stand by for an announcement, and of course here is exactly how it will play out:

  1. Trump will be allowed to turn himself in a week later.
  2. Trump will fly in the day of.
  3. Trump’s plane will be visualized like the return of JFK from Dallas on TV.
  4. Trump will exit his plane an hour after he lands into his waiting motorcade.
  5. Trump’s motorcade will be followed by at least 3-5 helicopters while being streamed live on every TV channel there is.
  6. Pundits on TV will have every square inch of space covering the event. They will discuss what color of clothes he wore, what color of shoes he has on, and whether they are made in Italy or China. They will ask their viewers what he might be thinking and ask for call ins to discuss. Pundits will be on the street covering any protests and talking with Trump supporters who will say they will die for him and if he kills people, they will still vote for him.
  7. Trump exits his motorcade into a waiting tent where all you can see is a glimmer of the toilet paper on his shoes.
  8. Trump will not have to post bail like other criminal defendants.
  9. Trump will be free to rape and pillage the rubes and everyone else in the country.
  10. Trump will be allowed to leave with no requirements attached to his bail. If he wants to send his Hitler shock troops after Jack Smith the prosecutor, well, the Judge will be A-OK with that.
  11. The Judge has been assigned to U.S. District Judge Tanya S. Chutkan, according to the court docket. Chutkan, an Obama appointee, is the only federal judge in Washington, D.C., who has sentenced Jan. 6 defendants to sentences longer than the government had requested.
  12. Trump will get a trial date in late 2025-26.
  13. The End.

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