Trump lawyer frets over legal team 'dysfunction' as it's swamped with multiple criminal investigations

Donald Trump in a Manhattan courtroom (Photo by Ken Jones for AFP)

The lack of a leading person coordinating Donald Trump’s legal team as it’s hit by multiple investigations is causing chaos across the board, one of his attorneys has said.

In an interview with New York Intelligencer’s Ankush Khardori, a Trump attorney ranted about the lack of central planning within the legal team and claimed that if they look “dysfunctional,” that is because they are.

With another Trump attorney telling Khardori that the team standing between the former president and jail has more than its share of “yes men,” Khardori was told things could be run better if everyone was on the same page.

Addressing the tsunami of legal problems swamping Trump, the attorney admitted, “Substantively, it matters because you have one individual who is facing three separate criminal investigations, or really four if you say January 6 is its own, and who is actively running for president.”

“It is a major machine,” they conceded before adding, ” He has a staff of campaign folks putting out a message that necessarily has to include these investigations, so not having a central brain trust that knows intimately what’s happening in all four investigations and then can communicate that to Trump and among the lawyers and to the campaign staff, it creates dysfunction. It just does. There’s no way it doesn’t.”

Khardori added, “Those observations point to a central paradox of Trump’s current legal situation, particularly as it relates to the pending criminal investigations and the prosecution in Manhattan. His reelection campaign appears to be a central component of his legal-defense strategy since, if successful, a second term as president would allow him to shut down any pending federal prosecutions and investigations and would provide him with a potent justification for putting any state proceedings on ice.”

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