Klaus Meine, the frontman of the iconic hard rock band, expressed his solidarity and support to Ukrainians while performing their famous Wind of Changes song, the unofficial anthem to the end of communism.

He also unfurled the Ukrainian flag during the national emblem.

The Scorpions cancelled all concerts scheduled in Russia after its full-scale invasion of Ukraine began.

They also revised lyrics of Wind of Changes hit from “I follow the Moskva down to Gorky Park / Listening for the wind to change” to “Now listen to my heart / It says Ukrainia / Waiting for the wind to change.”

Klaus Meine hopes to give a peace concert on the Maidan in Kyiv after the war ends. He also claimed that they will never perform in Russia again.

“I don’t think we will perform in Russia again. Not in the foreseeable future. We need to draw our own conclusions from reality,” the musician said.

Source: The Scorpions unfurl Ukrainian flag at concert in Berlin (yahoo.com)

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