Biden Sending 1,500 Troops For Mexico Border Migrant Surge, He Should Fix USCIS Instead


Right wingers should be celebrating in the streets. Their liberal hating dreams are now over. Biden is set to send a box of men to the border to deal with a surge in migrants who are wanting to come to the United States, albeit illegally. Instead of fixing the broken legal immigration problems at USCIS, where legal immigrants wait for up to 2 years to come to the United States with their spouses, families etc., he decided instead to send troops to the border to repel the invasion of those who illegally want to come to the United States, and by all accounts are allowed to walk across the border and be released pending further review.

USCIS has recently raised fees, and in some cases doubled the amount of money required to start the initial processes to legally migrate to the United States. USCIS claimed that these raised fees would allow for them to move cases faster. Last year, Biden had set January 2023 as the target where USCIS had to finish I130 applications as well as other applications within 6 months of filing said applications. However, once the fees were raised, USCIS went and doubled the amount of time required to finish those processes. So, 6 months to complete processing was nothing more than a fantasy sold to people legally trying to immigrate, and total and complete bullshit by the Biden administration.

On January 4, 2023, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services proposed a rule that would increase the immigration and naturalization fees for business visas. The proposed rule increases temporary visas by 150 to 330 percent. The rule also increases petitions for permanent immigration visas by 88 percent.

Many legal immigrants coming to the United States who were using the useless estimated time to approval or decision, found that their accounts now reflected additional time, some who had 5 months left after waiting 16 months, were found to have had their estimates increased to double the amount of time to more than 10 months of waiting from 5. Many immigrants question why they go through years of waiting and now increased fees to migrate, but then end up waiting longer than immigrants who can just go to Mexico and walk right on through to freedom.

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Granted that freedom is temporary, and many have said that it doesn’t come with work permits or any other legal rights, while right wingers say that those immigrants are given all the rights of a US Citizen. It’s hard to tell what they actually get though. California gives them the ability to obtain drivers licenses, but as for working, that is questionable. Since most employers require documents to prove status and the ability to work legally and earn a legal income so they can pay taxes on that income, it’s hard to say that any immigrant who comes to the United States in such a way would just be granted what others wait so long for.

Meanwhile Biden thinks that it’s easier to just send a box of men to the border to deal with any surges there. 1500 men will not be able to achieve any of that at all. There are thousands of miles of unprotected border between Mexico and the United States, 1500 men would only cover a few miles of that. So, it’s more of a show of strength to placate right wingers than it is to actually do anything.

Story Below:

The Biden administration will send 1,500 troops to the U.S.-Mexico border ahead of an expected migrant surge following the end of coronavirus pandemic-era restrictions, according to four administration officials.

Military personnel will do data entry, warehouse support and other administrative tasks so that U.S. Customs and Border Protection can focus on fieldwork, the officials said. The troops will not do law enforcement work and will be sent down for roughly 90 days, though their presence can be extended if necessary. The officials were not authorized to speak publicly about the request and spoke to The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity. It’s unclear when the troops would be deployed.

The COVID-19 restrictions allowed U.S. officials to turn away tens of thousands of migrants crossing the southern border, but those restrictions will lift May 11, and border officials are bracing for an expected surge of migrants. Even amid the restrictions, the administration has seen record numbers of people crossing the border, and President Joe Biden has responded by cracking down on those who cross illegally and by creating new pathways meant to offer alternatives to a dangerous and often deadly journey.

Biden’s actions follow similar moves by then-President Donald Trump, who deployed active duty troops to the border to assist border patrol personnel in processing large migrant caravans, on top of National Guard forces that were already working in that capacity. There are already roughly 2,700 National Guard members at the border.

For Biden, who announced his Democratic reelection campaign a week ago, the decision signals his administration is taking seriously an effort to tamp down the number of illegal crossings, a potent source of Republican attacks, and sends a message to potential border crossers not to attempt the journey. But it also draws potentially unwelcome comparisons to Biden’s Republican predecessor, whose policies Biden frequently criticized. Congress, meanwhile, has refused to take any substantial immigration-related actions.

The Pentagon on Tuesday approved the request for troops by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, which manages the border, one of the officials said.

It’s another line of defense in an effort to manage overcrowding and other possible issues that might arise as border officials move away from the COVID-19 restrictions. Last week, administration officials announced they would work to swiftly screen migrants seeking asylum at the border, quickly deport those deemed as not being qualified, and penalize people who cross illegally into the U.S. or illegally through another country on their way to the U.S. border.

They will also open centers outside the United States for people fleeing violence and poverty to apply to fly in legally and settle in the United States, Spain or Canada. The first processing centers will open in Guatemala and Colombia, with others expected to follow.

Source: Biden sending 1,500 troops for Mexico border migrant surge | AP News

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