Danny Lemoi, Ivermectin Influencer “Died Suddenly”


That’s right all you ivermectin taking fear mongering idiots. Ivermectin can kill you or worse, cause so many side effects that you will bust a gut describing them all.

And for you “died suddenly” assholes, yes, Danny Lemoi died suddenly and unexpectedly from taking Ivermectin which resulted in an enlarged heart which eventually killed him quickly and suddenly.

As for you Covid fearing people, let me just say that I understand your fear and your pain. Covid is no joke. Getting it is not fun either. And after suffering from it last week after being vaccinated and boosted by Pfizer last year, I can say that it was something I did not expect to get. And I got it by a walk by cougher who coughed just as I was walking by. He had no mask on while I did. And it was a good tight seal. But as I walked into it I knew, somehow I knew that was it for me, I was going to get whatever he had and what he had I was sure was Covid-19.

Two and a half days later I started coughing. It got my lungs first, then my throat, and then my nose. And yes I tested positive right after. What came from it was a grueling 3 day nightmare ride in hell with chills, body aches, and fever that made walking to the bathroom literally impossible without help. The fever was the worst part, that feeling that my brain was melting from it. I couldn’t see, I couldn’t open my eyes, it still hurts to open them much, and I couldn’t do much else other than lay in bed with massive chills and cold sweats. I must have woke up in more pools of sweat than if I had gone swimming. It was hell on earth, and there were moments I didn’t think I’d make it through.

I survived on pressed calamansi drops in hot water with ginger root mixed and liquid soup. That was it. The coughing was so bad that I felt like there was a piece of metal that broke loose in my stomach and started cutting muscles left and right. I do actually have a piece of metal in my bile duct from a 20 year ago surgery, but despite that, it felt like the metal had broken away and was freely cutting every piece of muscle I had every time I coughed. The coughs were deep too, almost buried in miles of twisted tunnels of airways long ago clogged and closed, now suddenly opened and spewing forth liquid from 20 years ago. The taste was putrid. Then I lost the ability to taste, and then I lost my smell soon after.

All that being said though, I knew that I would slowly get better. The one thing I could do in the meantime was research it while laying there. This was like a flu I had in 2013. It was almost exactly the same virus. It acted the same, and had the same pattern of hitting me. This brought up the thought process that begged the question: was Covid just a resurgence of a virus that hit people in 2013, yet weaponized for 2019? I just don’t know the answer to that yet.

Coming off Covid right now I am still unable to see much out of my eyes, everything is blurry as I write this. I still can’t smell anything, at least for not very long. I can’t taste either, so my wonderful cup of coffee will just have to be a hot tasteless liquid for now. But I am on the mend. The coughing has started to subside. My nose is starting to dry out somewhat, and I believe that I will eventually get back to whatever normal was before it.

One thing I will lose though is the fear of Covid. I spent 3 years like most everyone else living locked up in my house washing groceries that were hand delivered to the garage while having zero human contact. I lost my wife shortly after the lockdown ended. She hated the whole Covid thing, she never believed in it either. Turns out she was a closeted Trump supporter, so in the end it was a welcome relief to see those days come to an end. But I lost a lot over Covid and the lockdowns, and the hysteria and fear mongering that surrounded it.

I feared Covid like these Ivermectin people feared it. We all looked for a shield from it. Those who took vaccines were initially told we couldn’t get Covid once we took it. Then weeks later we were told we could get Covid, but it wouldn’t kill us, so somehow we were safe. So much mixed messaging surrounded the vaccines, and because of that many of these sub scenes like Ivermectin took off. Filled with nutbaggery and quackery like Karen’s and Chad’s, they filled up their channels with stories, most of them horror stories about the amounts of pain and suffering they will put up with just to avoid covid. And of course the ivermectin crowd found other things that it supposedly cured as well.

Most of it was placebo effect stuff, but that didn’t matter to them, all they knew was that they didn’t want Covid, and they’d do anything to not get it short of taking a vaccine they didn’t trust. You see, vaccines are built by the pharmaceutical companies, ya know, the one’s that made Ivermectin. So you can’t trust pharmaceutical companies because they are out to “get you” or “kill you” or its a conspiracy to “get you” or “kill you” via a vaccine, and they are all in on it. But if you can see, I mean really see, like “They Live” see, then you won’t touch vaccines from that industry.

theylive danny lemoi
They Live

However you will touch Ivermectin, which is made by the same industry because they didn’t make it for Covid, they made it to deworm horses, so they can’t be trying to “get you” or “kill you” or conspire against you to make you take a vaccine.

Yes, we all did crazy shit. Washing groceries because of Fomites (remember them?), yeah, we had to wash everything as it came in the house. We had to take our shoes off before coming indoors. We had to strip our clothes off and place them in a bag, and oh yes, don’t forget to wear gloves and a mask while doing it. Then off to the washer and dryer the clothes went while we ended up in the shower washing our bodies clean with bleach products. Oh, and as far as your significant other, don’t bother kissing them because they have been outside and in human to human contact with others. So they are more than likely infected, and one must make sure they are super sanitized before even getting near them. Remember, social distance in your own home with all of your family members, because all it takes is one fucking breath on you to give you Covid, and once you have Covid you WILL DIE!!!!!!!!

You couldn’t even order Pizza deliveries without fear of dying. Remember those delivery boy stories? Yeah, the pIzza delivery guy was at the door and came in for one brief second to hand the Pizza over and get change or some such thing. And the family of 10 all got Covid and were wiped out, killed in days, save but a baby left crying on the floor or some such story. It was nightmarish, and the media hyped every sick and twisted story they could find whether it was true or not

The media didn’t care to check, because why check? By the time they said something horrific there were 300 more horrific stories to produce so no one would bother checking 200 stories ago for accuracy. Remember the hospitals? Remember the hallways filled with body bags? All unverified of course. No one could ever get in to see or check on it, and no one ever did, and media was notoriously absent on that front. Better to say all hospitals were burial graveyards, hallways, bathrooms, waiting areas, all just dead body storages. That was enough to freak everyone out. No wonder people started taking ivermectin. They would do anything except take a vaccine that shadow groups like Ginni Thomas and her scumbag SCOTUS husband secretly kept people from taking or believing in or even supporting.

For me, I had every major comorbidity that guaranteed an instant death within days of getting Covid. Yes, all played up really well by Fauci and the scientists. Oh yes, the scientists, they know all, see all, hear all, and know how to stay alive while the rest of us DIE!!!!! If we believe in science, if we believe in doctors, if we believe in them we MAY LIVE!!!! No guarantees though, but if we isolate, if we tell our significant others to either stay inside with us and never go out or get the fuck out and never come back if they don’t believe in the scientists and doctors, then you might just make it.

You might make it, but only if you believe in Fauci!!! Fauci Fauci Fauci!!! Yes, he and only he knows what will happen to us. Masks? No, you don’t need em, they won’t work, remember that? Later, oh fuck I’m so fucking sorry I LIED LIED LIED about that, but you see there was a reason I lied. I had to save the doctors and nurses and medical community first. Fuck you other people, yeah, masks won’t save you. Later, oh yes, MASK UP mother fucker, because guess what, masks save lives.

Guess what I just learned. After following these arcane rules for years, never leaving the house but this one time etc etc, and wearing masks religiously, with RELIGIOUS FERVOR I might add. A Mask betrayed me, yes, a KN/95 betrayed me. My KN/95, tightly sealed around my face and nose and mouth, and i walked into a guy turning to cough without a mask, and I walked right into it and knew right then I was toast. Two days later I was toast, and will full on Covid. Yes, MASKS FAILED. Fauci would say well it must have gotten into your eyes. Yeah, no shit, and even with glasses on it got in, because masks and glasses do not protect your eyes as a transmission vector.

So, let’s get this shit straight for that mask wearing public out there. MASKS DO NOT SAVE YOU FROM GETTING COVID!!!!!!!!! And that comes from a mask wearing mofo who wears masks everywhere and has them hanging on his door before he walks out of it.

I will tell you this. Covid for me, and for whatever reason it hit me the way it did with a 3 shot Pfizer regimen, was just like any other virus I have had and remembered well enough to know I was really sick that time. It was no different. Maybe for me the experience was just this way. And because the scientists and doctors say Covid is different for each person, so no one person can be the standard bearer. Such a cop out right? So if that’s true, then how come the dead are the standard bearers?

Anyway, for me, I will never fear this virus again. I am done with all the bullshit fear mongering on it. I am done thinking about it. I am done avoiding the public, I am done reading about it. I am done fearing the worst outcomes. I am done with Fomites, comorbidities and all the stupid washing your hands and running from every cough out there. Screw it. I have come out of the Covid nightmare without any more fears or thinking I am next on the list to die if I don’t take something to prevent it. These scientists have taken a lot of my life and twisted it around until it was hardly worth living. If you ask me, most of them should be tried and convicted and sent to prison for lying their asses off to the public and profiting off of the fear and loathing industry.

Oh hi there 👋 It’s nice to meet you.

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