“I Use Medical Cannabis and I am a Good Person” Meme Campaign Springs Up to Send Message to Sessions and to Defend Freedom and Dispensaries


NOV 21, 2016 – Medical marijuana patients across America are alarmed at the appointment of US Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-GA) to US Attorney General by President-Elect Trump, for Sessions is very anti-cannabis and has said, “People who smoke marijuana are not good people.” Patients that have come to rely on cannabis dispensaries in their state or city are worried that Jeff Sessions may “come after” their dispensaries and use federal police to raid and shut down the place where they get their medicine from. One of JTMP’s favorite organizations, Americans For Safe Access, came up with a citizen campaign to send Jeff Sessions a message to ‘leave our dispensaries alone’ and to show that they are in fact “good people”. Medical marijuana patients across America are taking “selfies” with a sign saying “I use medical cannabis and I am a good person” with the hashtag #iamagoodperson and posting them on social media. JTMP asks our supporters if they use medical cannabis to take part in this campaign, and put your selfie up and send a message to Jeff Sessions  today! Connect with JTMP on our JTMP Facebook Page and share your “selfie” holding the sign with us. Cannabis prohibition is 100% unconstitutional and every citizen in America has the right to access this non-toxic plant legally, safely and easily. Lift cannabis prohibition NOW!


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