JUNE 25, 2014 – The upstart Teabagger Chris McDaniels lost the 2014 Republican Mississippi primary runoff election last night, but he is refusing to concede and is calling for an investigation “to see if Republicans voted in the Republican primary”. US Senator Thad Cochran beat state senator (and ex-Klansman) Chris McDaniels by only 4800 votes, but he and other Teabaggers are alarmed about how Cochran’s results from the first primary compared to the runoff (319,000 to 360,000) shows a huge spike. They are accusing the Cochran camp of “buying Democratic votes” and urging African-American Democratic voters to vote for Cochran. Voting districts with heavy African-American populations showed a huge increase in voter turnout. McDaniels will have to eventually accept the unacceptable and endure the unendurable though, because Mississippi has open primaries; meaning voters from other parties can vote in the primaries of the other parties. I disagree with this, because it interferes with a party’s ability to do its internal business. What do you think? Should primaries be open? Start up a discussion on our JTMP Facebook page. Read more on here.

In Oklahoma, the Teabagger candidate TW Shannon, who got stump support from notable Teabaggers like US Senator Ted Cruz and quitter half-Governor Sarah Palin, lost big time to Rep. James Lankford. The Teabags were all aflutter because they had found another black conservative, completely missing the point about diversity. Stumping for TW Shannon, Sarah Palin said, “The Democrats accuse us of not embracing diversity?” Diversity is not just about skin color you moron, but it is about a diversity of ideas and opinions, a diversity of cultures and religions; it is not everybody thinking the same way like robots but a diversity of skin color. In New York Rep. Charlie Rangel faces a tough vote count and that race has not been called yet. Read more on



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