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Jack Johnson Tells Clean Water Stories Through Video

OCT 18, 2012 – Activist musician Jack Johnson, who helped out with Farm Aid 2012, is hooking up with Waterkeeper Alliance and sharing stories of clean water through video. He talks of surfing with his dad to taking his children to waterways and the importance of the waterway being clean and healthy. In a press release Jack said, “Some of the earliest memories I have are these abstract things of being on the front of my dads surfboard – and one time pulling into a little bit of a tube.  Water has been part of my life since the beginning.  Its everything on the spectrum from a place my family goes to enjoy themselves, I take the kids there everyday, we go down and play in the water – its sort of  meeting place for the families in our community.  And that way, it kind of becomes the closest thing we have to a church – its a spiritual thing. The Waterkeeper Alliance is an amazing organization because you can get involved on your local level and you realize your making a change for good around the whole nation.  All rives flow to the oceans.”

Check out the video below of Jack singing a song for clean water, and to find out more and get involved, check out the Waterkeeper Alliance's website here.

Also, check out the other videos he made:

JACK JOHNSON’S CLEAN WATER STORY: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AcCVcB3PRg

JACK JOHNSON TALKS ABOUT WATERKEEPER ALLIANCE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLx8H1tnpkc&feature=relmfu

GIG: Tea With Toan – Musician Natalie Pryce Creates SAFE Place for Youth and Music

MAR 15, 2012 – A British organization, GIG (Go Inspire Go), hopes to “create a global platform to see and share inspirational stories and experiences”. This collaboration ‘"Uses Social Networking to Inspire Social Change" and they want people to "Use Their Powers — Resources, Talents and Network — to Help Others.”  They do this by making videos of  “inspirational, character-driven stories, about ‘regular people’ who do small acts that ripple out to BIG changes.”

Watch GIG’s new video below, with founder of GIG Toan Lam "having tea" and chatting with British musician Natalie Pryce, who created a safe place for young people to gather, be SAFE, and play music. She also speaks about her activism and giving back to the community. Check out GoInspireGo on the web here, and Twitter @GoInspireGo.

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