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Rage Against The Machine to Limbaugh: “Stop Using Our Music Jackass”

Conservative hate-talk show host Rush Limbaugh who has been under fire recently for his 3-day anti-women hate-filled diatribe attack on activist Sandra Fluke, has been ordered by another musical artist to stop playing their music. Last week it was Peter Gabriel and the Canadian trio Rush, and now when Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine heard that Limbaugh had played their 1999 song "Sleep Now in the Fire" he tweeted and told Limbaugh to stop using their music:

Rage Against The Machine is one of the biggest activist bands ever, with lyrics that are not afraid to be in-your-face political, with songs such as, "Killing in the Name" and "Sleep Now in the Fire". Tom Morello of course has his alter-ego "The Nightwatchman" who has been heavily involved with the Occupy Movement. Watch the Michael Moore directed video of "Sleep Now in the Fire" below.  (Photo credit: Penner/Flickr)

Tom Morello Announces He Will Perform at Occupy Wall Street

Tom Morello, probably the top music activist today, has announced he will perform at Occupy Wall Street today (October 12) at noon. He will perform as "The Nightwatchman" and he told Rolling Stone, "The Nightwatchman will Occupy Wall Street tomorrow at noon, adding one more voice to the growing chorus of millions demanding economic justice at home and around the globe. And I'll be playing some songs. Likely in the rain."

Tom has been an outspoken advocate against corporate greed and the attack on working Americans and has played recently at Occupy LA. JTMP will post any videos as soon as they are posted.

Tom Morello the “Nightwatchman” Talks About Music and Politics for In These Times Interview

Tom Morello, aka the Nightwatchman, has been very active and vocal in the music activist field recently, and spoke at length about music, activism and politics in a new In These Times interview. 


In These Times: How does music tackle politically charged subjects?

Tom: “There has never been a successful wide-scale social justice movement in this country without a musical soundtrack, whether it’s the working class struggle, the civil rights struggle, the peace struggle. Music and culture have always been a critical component in both voicing and amplifying struggles for social justice.

I was transformed and encouraged by the music from groups like The Clash and Public Enemy, who made me feel less alone in my worldview as well as created compelling art. And that made it seem like change was possible and that change could sound kick ass at the same time.


Tom Morello “The Nightwatchman” Talks About Censorship on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher


Tom Morello, aka “The Nightwatchman”, was on Real Time with Bill Maher last night, and he talked about censorship, and he let his feelings known on the issue of musicians and bands, and for that matter any worker, speaking out on the issues they care about. They first discussed censorship, where Tom pointed out how after 9/11 there was a list of songs radio stations were asked not to play; like for instance “Imagine” by John Lennon, “Walk Like and Egyptian”, the Gap Band’s “You Dropped a Bomb on Me” and others.

Tom proudly proclaimed, “From that entire list, there was only one band where their entire catalogue was singled out, and that was my band, Rage Against the Machine”. The audience roared with approval and screamed out “Yeah!” He went on to say, “There was a message behind that. No one can say anything. It was a time where there should have been a great deal of debate. Why did this [9/11] really happen? What’s going on? Is there more to it than crazy guys on planes? That was a time when everyone we should have been able to speak their minds fully and completely, and let’s have a better understanding. ”

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Tom Morello Launches “Justice Tour”

The Nightwatchman, and Tim McIlrath have joined forces and are launching the"Justice Tour", which will be swinging through Madison, Flint, and Cleveland. The tour will feature songs from Tom's current release, "Worldwide Rebel Songs" that feature Wisconsin protesters on the album. The tour will be going to places where “people need a little more wind in their sails,” Tom recently told The Nation, where “people’s spines need steeling.” This is how Morello operates: “fighting the good fight, guitar in hand.”

On The Nightwatchan's website it says:

Tom Morello & Tim McIlrath of Rise Against have joined forces for The Justice Tour. The tour will bring them to Madison, WI, Cleveland, OH and Flint, MI this September with all profits benefiting The Nation Institute. This month, Morello released the EP Union Town, with all profits benefiting the America Votes Labor Unity Fund via SaveWorkers.org. The release consists of pro-union songs and was inspired by Morello’s performance in Madison, WI in February of this year in protest to an anti-union bill put forward by Governor Scott Walker. Tom Morello stated, "This year’s Justice Tour aims to support independent media which is battling the mountain of disinformation and propaganda foisted on the public by right wing media barons. We will also return to the union battlegrounds of the Midwest to help steel the backbone of workers under siege." Tim McIlrath added, “Playing with Tom on the steps of the Capitol building in Madison last February was an inspiring experience. I cant wait to join him again for such an important cause. Media has become a battleground, and we're out to even the odds.”

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