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Taylor Swift Donates Autographed Taylor Guitar for RFK Center Holiday Auction

DEC 10, 2012 - Taylor Swift has donated a beautiful signed Taylor guitar to the holiday auction being held to raise funds for the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, an institution dedicated to helping those in oppressed communities, and carry on the work of the great Senator Robert F. Kennedy devoted his life to.

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"Some men see things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?" - Robert F. Kennedy paraphrasing George Bernard Shaw

"To realize his dream of a more just and peaceful world, Robert Kennedy’s family and friends founded a living memorial in 1968. Today, the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights is one of the foremost international human rights organizations. In the tradition of Robert Kennedy, the RFK CENTER has forged effective collaborations with NGOs, universities, legal clinics, and the media on behalf of oppressed communities."

To check out the full size picture of this awesome guitar in full detail, click on 
READ MORE below, and check out other donated celebrity merchandise in this special holiday auction, such as a guitar from Johnny Cash and more, by checking out the RFKCenter.org website.

Taylor Swift gets award from Michelle Obama for her activism

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APR 2, 2012 - Taylor Swift received a Big Help Award from Michelle Obama on Nickleodeon's Kids' Choice Award show this weekend, and was "freaking out" when she took the award from the first lady she remarked at the podium. Taylor received the award for her extensive activism and charity work, such as helping tornado and flood victims, libraries, children's charities and even combating bullying to name just a little of the work she has done. She was also awarded for her ability to inspire her fans to make a difference.

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The Big Help is an initiative by Nickleodeon to be a hub for kids to connect and get involved with service work such as donating clothes or raising funds for a charity. Their website says "Service is all about giving your time to others."  The kids can collect points and earn stuff like a cool avatar or a virtual kitty. Check out The Big Help here.  Watch the video of Taylor receiving the award from Michelle Obama below.

Taylor Swift to Take Fan Fighting Cancer to ACM Awards as Her “Date”


FEB 27, 2012 - Kevin McGuire, a Taylor Swift fan, doesn't get to have Taylor Swift as his prom date, he'll have to settle for a date with Taylor at the next American Country Music Awards show. Kevin is fighting cancer for a second time, and his sister Victoria launched a Facebook campaign to get Taylor to go to the prom with Kevin. Taylor saw the campaign and responded on her Facebook page with a message. So far, 117k+ have "Liked" it:

Here is a local news report interviewing Kevin about the whole thing:

(photo derivation - credit: dephisticate/Flickr)


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The connections between former President Donald Trump, his campaign chairman Paul Manafort, and Russia have been a subject of significant interest and investigation, particularly in the context of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.

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